Hunting in the Madison River Valley


With over 145,000 square miles of hunting grounds in Montana, hunters - resident and non-residents alike, enjoy the opportunity to hunt deer, elk, antelope, ducks, geese, game birds & furbearers. The grounds are split into 7 regions that are further divided into districts.

Nearest to Ennis, MT is the BEAR CREEK WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT AREA. Located in Madison County, Bear Creek Wildlife Area is an 18 mile drive south-southeast of El Western Cabins & Lodges. The 3,458 acres of the WMA offers diverse habitats across its elevations ranging from grasslands and shrub-steppe mountain foothills from coniferous forest to alpine communities.

The Bear Creek WMA provides a habitat for a variety of wildlife including elk, mule deer, black bears, grizzly bears, mountain grouse, and non-game species along the face of the Madison Range. These protected lands supply residents and non-residents the opportunity for outdoor recreation, primarily public hunting and wildlife-viewing.

Licenses are required for all hunters. Some general licenses are available to buy over the counter, and other special limited permits are given through a lottery draw. For more on licenses click here

Hunting seasons include 6 weeks for archery, 5 weeks for general big game, 101 day waterfowl in the spring, and fall turkey and bear season.

Plan your hunt with the district map here

The El Western Cabins and Lodges offers two lodge options during the fall hunting season. Guests are invited to enjoy the Moose Lodge or Eagle's Loft Lodge while in the area for their hunting adventures.

The Moose Lodge - offers two bedrooms with one and a half baths, a full kitchen and dining room and comfortable living room. The Eagle's Loft Lodge provides a larger space with vaulted ceilings, 3 bedrooms and 3 baths, a large gourmet kitchen, living room, laundry room and more. The property does not provide a cleaning station but 5 minutes from El Western Cabins & Lodges, Deemo's Meat provides a fantastic processing option.